Let's Work Together

Have you got a project that you would like to work together on? Make sure you Contact Me so that we can work out a package that best suits your project!

So what are some ways we can work together?

| Food Photography & Styling |

I have been photographing and styling food for a number of years and I understand the impact that visually stunning images can make to a project and make it shine. As the saying goes "a picture speaks a thousand words" and this is never as true in our instagramable world. 

Have you got a bunch of recipes that need some beautiful images to accompany them ? Do you need images taken for a app, social media account or blog that needs a little pizzazz added. Have an Ebook you are trying to create but the images are letting it down? 

 If the answer is Yes then we need to talk. Send me an email so we can talk further about the needs of your project.

| Recipe Development |

Do you have a product or ingredient that you need some recipes developed to make your product shine? 

I have developed a number of recipes for clients to enhance their product or ingredient and shine the spotlight on it. It's a great way to increase customer awareness of your brand.

| Product & Branding Imagery |

Are you are trying to launch a new brand or product and need some beautiful images to spread the word on a website, app, social media or a blog? Love a good flat lay or over head image that speaks volumes on instagram? Let's talk!

| Creative Project Development |

Do you have a product that needs some creative content to accompany it? Such as a beautifully crafted project that makes your product shine. Maybe a how to video tutorial to sweeten the deal?

I regularly develop creative projects for magazine clients to bring products to life and help give the user inspiration on what creative endevours that they can undertake with this product. I specialize in how-to or DIY projects that give step by step instructions on how to create specific projects for the novice creator. I have started creating how-to video tutorials to take the user viewing to the next level.

|Video Tutorials|

Do you have content such as a recipe or project that you want a video created for to reach the masses? Do you have a YouTube channel but are afraid and unsure of how to create your own content? The next step in content creation these days is Videos specifically how to, DIY or cooking videos showing the novice creator how to make something. These types of videos are a great chance for your content to become viral through social media sharing and increase your brand awareness. Who wouldn't want that?

Make sure you check out my Videos page with some of the short tutorial videos I have created for my blog The Whimsical Wife.

| Sponsored Post |

I am the writer and editor at The Whimsical Wife and if you have a product requiring review, campaign or sponsored post  you would like to collaborate with me on that fits in the niche of Cook, Create, Decorate then contact me below. 

If you are PR or brand representative like to request a full media kit for The Whimsical Wife then Contact Me for further details.

None of these options suit your needs? Let's still talk about what you require!